What Is It Like To Use Eft

To use Emotional Freedom Technique, you focus your attention on the feeling, thought, or physical symptom you are trying to eliminate. At the same time, you tap with a couple of your fingertips on a series of acupressure points, chiefly on your face and body.

After just a few minutes, you’ll notice the intensity of the feeling, thought, or symptom you are targeting has diminished. As you continue to focus on the problem and tap, the issue continues to recede and is often completely eliminated within a matter of minutes.

When this technique is incorporated into more traditional approaches to therapy, the combination is powerful and may enable you to overcome longstanding problems.

The technique offers a very gentle method of change – it is solution for clients who avoid therapy because they don’t want to experience troubling emotions or recall traumatic memories. Clients do need to focus their attention on the problem, but do not need to discuss it in detail to get some benefit. EFT has been called “the Tearless Trauma Technique” for its ability to provide relief without causing further suffering.

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