Case Studies


Child's Fear of Water

"My two year old daughter was terrified to get anywhere near the ocean – she wouldn’t even venture onto wet sand - putting a damper on our beach vacation. Mark spent about 15 minutes with her using Emotional Freedom Technique as she sat in her mother’s lap staring at the sea. To my astonishment, she was then ready to play in the surf. In addition to overcoming her fear of water, we noticed she started to display more courage on other fronts. The child who was afraid of cats and dogs was now feeding horses."

Quick Relief From Long-term Problems

"Mark helped me work through a particular issue that had been concerning me at a very deep level for a long time. Before working with him, I thought that this dark way of thinking would stay with me throughout my life. I couldn’t find a way to break it. After just a couple of sessions with Mark doing EFT with me though, I felt surprisingly better and more connected to the world around me. I don’t even know how it happened exactly, but something profoundly changed inside of me.

The great thing about Mark’s work is that you don’t have to be consciously aware of what the problems are or where they stem from. I felt very confident that Mark knew exactly what he was doing, and that was really comforting. With that trust in him that I instinctively felt, and Mark’s focused attention on dealing with my issues, the brief work that we did together was extremely effective. I would definitely turn to him again if my old concerns were to ever return… but they haven’t so far, and I find that amazing!"

Fear of Intimacy

"I went into this hoping to reduce a fear of relationships that I’ve carried all of my adult life. Within a month, I discovered that I had moved from extreme fear to mild anxiety about dating, and within 5 months I began my first serious relationship in 10 years. I can no longer identify with the fear that I used to experience and that has been very freeing."

Fear of Speaking in Public

"My fear of public speaking had often prevented me from applying for jobs that I otherwise would have wanted. At the thought of public speaking I would feel faint. When Mark asked me to rate my anxiety level about public speaking on a scale from 1 to 10, it was definitely a 10 – the worst. After just 2 sessions, I spoke at a press conference, co-MCed a conference and a second press conference and made several national TV appearances within weeks of the treatment. Unbelievable but true!"

Anxiety Over Speaking in Public

"I still don’t believe it. I have always been faced with overcoming my anxiety of speaking in public. Over the years, I have had to develop some techniques to rise above the anxiety, but it was always there. Two months after your sessions, I had to speak to an audience in Atlanta, and worse yet, I had to use PowerPoint, which I had never used. I also thought that since your treatment was two months earlier, it probably wouldn’t work. Much to my surprise, I got up to speak and had no anxiety. Also, the dreaded event occurred, I messed up the PowerPoint and started at the end of my speech. However, just like a pro, I laughed it off (with the audience) and started all over again. I wasn’t crippled at all. And again on Friday, I had to do a different speech. Once again, no anxiety and the speech went wonderfully. I wish I had met you earlier in my career."

Adult Issues With A Parent

For over 15 years, I struggled with control issues with my mom. I have tried a number of therapeutic approaches over the years, but none had such a beneficial effect than the one Mark Bottinick used with me. Using energy to release resentment, hurt and anger was wonderful. My relationship with my mom has improved dramatically and I seem to have been able to finally “let go” of all the anger. Thanks Mark.

Trauma and Self-Esteem

Mark Bottinick gave me a new life, which is free of fear and full of possibilities. Mark’s positive energy and professional treatment healed some of my most painful experiences in a dramatically short period of time. Mark has a natural gift in navigating the psyche. He is excellent at guiding me to confront the dark shadows I’ve been trying to avoid. Through the Emotional Freedom Technique, he helped me to fully accept myself and believe in myself. I’ve found a peace of mind and a new sense of self-confidence that I’d never felt before. I feel encouraged and motivated to take life as an interesting challenge. For the first time in my life, I feel ready to make the most of all my gifts and skills to live a life that I desire.

Social Anxiety

"Before working with Mark, I rarely enjoyed social outings. I often felt so awkward and uncomfortable in social situations that I started to cancel or avoid them whenever possible. After just one session with Mark, I began feeling calm and confident when meeting new people or spending time in crowded places. I've become more comfortable and more outgoing."

Case Studies...

An Entrepreneur Who Lost His Mojo

An entrepreneur I worked with had lost his self-confidence and optimism. Though he had a history of success in business, he was now pessimistic and unmotivated. "I don't believe things are going to work out," he told me. I helped him recognize that this feeling of futility at work was connected to his feeling of futility at home as he was a parent of a child with considerable disabilities.

He had grown uncomfortable with many facets of the sales process and avoiding tasks necessary for success. For example, he stopped cold calling and wasn't adding enough prospects to his sales pipeline. I helped him to identify that cold calling made him feel awkward and guilty, and behind these feelings were thoughts such as, "I'm wasting this person's time," and "what I have to offer is not so special."

After he made a sale, he found it uncomfortable to ask for money and would put it off until the last possible minute. His delay in requesting payment meant the customers had to rush to come up with the money for his expensive product, something that did not please his clientele.

Once we were able to identify the negative thoughts and emotions underlying his work difficulties, we were able to quickly eliminate them with Emotional Freedom Technique. The outcome: In 8 sessions, this entrepreneur felt more at peace with his home life; his optimism and motivation for work returned; he was able to recognize the true value of his services and thus was able to cold call prospects with enthusiasm; and he requested payment with ease.

Public Speaking

I’ve helped many people become more confident speakers. They’ve ranged from those who felt anxious in staff meetings and speaking with their supervisors one on one, to those who feared an upcoming speech before hundreds.

One client of mine was terrified by the idea of public speaking. She was an authority on a topic currently in the news, and although she was a passionate advocate, she refused opportunities to speak out.

We spent one session using EFT to eliminate the negative feelings and thoughts she had about public speaking. She still felt a sense of wariness about the world, so in our second session, we used EFT to address some memories she had of early childhood trauma. This brought about a new sense of peace.

The outcome: After two sessions, accepted an invitation to appear on CNN. Soon thereafter, she went on to hold a press conference, and co-hosted a symposium. In a few months, she declared her candidacy for public office. Our two sessions eliminated her fear of public speaking, but also gave her a greater sense of safety and confidence in the world. She was then able to become a more effective leader in her community.

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