Anxiety and Phobias

Do you have symptoms of anxiety?

  • Are you nervous in social situations?
  • Do you tend to be “edgy,” apprehensive, and on your guard?
  • Are you comfortable in your body, or do you often feel tense?
  • Is it difficult to concentrate because you are preoccupied with worries?
  • Is it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep because your thoughts race?
  • Do you avoid doing things you’d like to do because of fear?

Therapy can help. Lift away the burden of anxiety and you'll find new energy and optimism.


  • Enjoying your life free of constant worry
  • Feeling confident and comfortable in social situations
  • Expressing yourself unimpeded by self-consciousness
  • Feeling at ease in and with your body
  • Sleeping easily and well and waking up refreshed
  • Having greater access to your highest intelligence and creativity
  • Judging people and situations more accurately

Overcoming Anxiety

Don't cope with anxiety - overcome it!

In my experience:

  • Phobias and problems such as social anxiety can be eliminated
  • Past traumas can be healed so they no longer cause discomfort
  • Rapid change is possible

Though not every case of anxiety is quickly resolved, I’ve helped many individuals become significantly more comfortable in 2 to 10 sessions.

For example, a woman came to me with fear of public speaking. She had a lot to offer the community, but had refused all opportunities to speak in public because it didn’t feel safe. The problem resolved in two sessions. She went on to run for public office.

A number of clients have sought my help with social anxiety. These men and women avoided speaking up at work, social gatherings, and the like. Even ordering breakfast at a diner was painful. After three to twelve sessions, these individuals were comfortable socially and were seeking out opportunities to connect with others.

Other clients have seen me over a period of months to more thoroughly address their anxiety. Each case is different. But drug-free relief is quite often achievable. And when you feel at peace, all sorts of good things become possible.

Relief from anxiety is like being set free.

What to expect when we work on your anxiety

I will take great care to make your experience as comfortable as possible.
We’ll talk about:

  • The situations or thoughts that make you anxious
  • Past experiences that may contribute to your anxiety (no need to discuss them in great detail unless you care to)
  • Whether you may believe it’s necessary to be anxious and fearful

You may very well experience some relief very early in our work together. I like to complement traditional therapy with Emotional Freedom Technique, which allows for swift and dramatic alleviation of fearful emotions and thoughts. It also can release the effects of traumatic memories.

Depending on your preferences, I can weave in other complementary methods I’ve had success with, such as the research-proven tools from the Institute of HeartMath.

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