Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose weight, but finding it difficult?

For example, do you:

  • Resolving to diet and exercise, but you don't follow though
  • Overeat, or eat the wrong things, when stressed, tired, or when dining with others?
  • Eat to soothe feelings of stress, sadness, boredom, loneliness, frustration, anxiety, anger and or deprivation?
  • Crave carbs, sweets, fatty foods, etc.?
  • Fail to regularly exercise?
  • Maintaining a large size to avoid unwanted attention - to feel safe

Do these issues feel familiar to you?

Imagine if they were to disappear…

  • You'd feel more optimistic about your ability to maintain a proper weight and wouldn't undermine your efforts
  • Food would serve nutritional needs; emotional needs would be met elsewhere
  • You'd find it easier to eat a sensible diet
  • Without cravings, there's less struggle - you could really relax
  • You'd find it easy to stick to a plan of exercise
  • You'd feel more comfortable in your body

While there is no quick fix, I helped clients remove the emotional barriers to weight control so that it's significantly easier to consistently follow a sensible diet and a regular plan of exercise.

Willpower is over-rated.

Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), I’m able to help eliminate food cravings, diminish the resistance to exercise, and help people avoid eating for emotional reasons. With EFT, we can remove the struggle so that making the right choices becomes much easier.

For example, a client of mine couldn’t resist having a daily chocolate bar or two. After EFT, giving up the chocolate became effortless. Another client could not motivate herself to get to the gym. We removed the feeling of resistance with EFT and she started going 3 days a week without a struggle. Life is difficult enough, why struggle against food and exercise if you don’t have to?

Want to discuss how I might be of assistance in your weight-loss efforts?

Rapid Change
What I have learned along the way is that the best reward I can offer my clients in return for their trust is rapid change - the kind of results that will sustain their motivation to change their own lives. To do this, I teach my clients a number of holistic techniques in combination with our traditional "talk" psychotherapy.
-Mark Bottinick

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