Musical Or Theatrical Peak Performance

Performing as a musician or actor can be nerve-wracking. What should be an exhilarating experience can become a recurring nightmare. Even seasoned stars have been known to become sick to their stomach before each show.

Musicians have even lost their careers due to anxiety- they develop problems such as tendonitis because their tension alters their body mechanics.

If you answer "yes" to any of the statements below, I can probably help you improve your performance with Emotional Freedom Technique:

  • You perform better during rehearsals than the actual show
  • You find performing or auditioning is unpleasant because of anxiety
  • You have recurring negative thoughts such as, "I'm going to forget my piece"
  • You have recurring memories of your past poor performances
  • You hold your drumsticks, bow, etc. more tightly during performances and have blisters or soreness afterwards
  • You can't sleep before a show
  • You need medications to ease your stage fright
  • Trying to relax before a performance requires effort that distracts you from your art

I've helped actors, media personalities, and musicians bring forth their best. I know this issue firsthand, as I'm a musician and public speaker. In college, I had a weekly radio show and never could relax. Years later, I used Emotional Freedom Technique to address my fear of public speaking and since then, I've spoken comfortably on the radio and before very large groups of people.

Why put up with performance-anxiety when you don't have to? I encourage you to e-mail me at [email protected] or call me at (301) 593-7494 so we can help you get the most joy from practicing your art!

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