Athletic Peak Performance

Emotional Freedom Technique can improve the performance of both "weekend warriors" and serious professional athletes

You're a good candidate if you answer "yes" to any of the following questions:

  • You become tense or anxious during your game
  • You perform better in practice than in competition
  • You become distracted by concerns about your performance
  • You "choke" under stress
  • You find you no longer enjoy playing your game because of your feelings about competition or your performance
  • When you are performing your sport, you recall past failures
  • You have "limiting beliefs" about your performance such as "I can't putt very well," or "I'll never be a great tennis player"

When the emotional barriers to athletic performance are addressed, athletes can more easily enter a state that some call "the zone" and others call "flow." Here, you feel alert, yet relaxed. You lose yourself in your sport and your best performance comes almost without effort.

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