Academic Performance

Does your favorite student:

  • Become anxious before and during exams?
  • Is fidgety or easily distracted in class or during homework?
  • Dislikes school, homework, teachers, reading, writing or math?
  • Finds it difficult to organize their time or materials?
  • Has trouble with reading comprehension and retention?
  • Perform below their ability?

Good news – I can help. Using Emotional Freedom Technique, I've helped adults and youth significantly diminish their negative feelings about academics. Once they have more neutral attitudes towards the learning process, they report back to me that it's not such a struggle to sit down and study, their concentration is better, their retention is improved, and it takes less time to get the work done. One high school student told me that after one of our sessions, he found himself inspired to go beyond his homework and practice his calculus for the sake of learning, and now he's doing much better in the subject.

I've also assisted adults and youth reduce their anxiety about exams so that they can learn more effectively and can perform at their best during the test.

I teach my clients to use very simple mind-body techniques that activate the brain. These tools can help assist slow readers and can help with concentration, focus, organization and information retention. Among these tools are some developed by the Institute of HeartMath and have been research-proven to help students learn and perform better on exams.

The bottom line: When it comes to learning, emotions do count.

  • Positive emotions facilitate higher-level thinking
  • Negative emotions inhibit higher-level thinking
  • Even students who "hate school" have found it's to their advantage to adopt more positive attitudes

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